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  1. Gustavo Gamboa, Expected to graduate, Spring 2017.
    Under progress
  2. Xi Chen, Expected tograduate, Summer 2019.
    Under progress
  3. Amit Kumar Bhattacharjee, Expected to graduate, Summer 2019.
    Under progress
  4. Seyed Milad Tayebi, Summer 2017.
    Advanced Control Techniques for Efficiency and Power Density Improvement of a Three-Phase Microinverter
  5. Ahmadreza Amirahmadi, Spring 2014.
    Control Based Soft Switching Three Phase Micro Inverter: Efficiency and Power Density Optimization
  6. Lin Chen, Spring 2014.
    Investigation of Dual-Stage High Efficiency and Density Module Integrated Converter for Solar Application
  7. Qian Zhang, Spring 2013.
    A high efficiency module solar system architecture (pending)
  8. Xiang Fang, Spring 2012.
    Analysis and Design Optimization of Resonant DC-DC Converters
  9. Ala Al Haj Hussein, Summer 2011.
    Design and Operation of Stationary Distributed Battery Micro-Storage Systems
  10. Zhijun Qian, Spring 2010.
    Design and implementation of the multi-port dc-dc converters with Solar Input
  11. John Elms, Summer 2010.
    Design of High Power-Density Bidirectional Converters for Electric Vehicles
  12. Majd Batarseh, Spring 2010.
    Digital Pulse Width Modulation Techniques for DC–DC Converters. Co-Advisor: Dr. John Shen
  13. Wisam Al-Hoor, Summer 2009.
    Adaptive Efficiency Optimization for Digitally Controlled Power Converters.
  14. Ehab Shoubaki, Summer 2009.
    Unified Large And Small Signal State-Space Based Modeling And Symbolic Simulation For PWM Converters
  15. Feng Tian, Spring 2009.
    Pulse Frequency Modulation ZCS Flyback Converter in Inverter Applications
  16. Khalid Rustom, Fall 2007.
    Steady State and Dynamic Analysis and Optimization of Single Stage Power Factor Correction Converters
  17. Liangbin Yao, Fall 2007.
    Topology and Control of High Frequency DC-DC Converters
  18. Osama Al-Rahaman, Fall 2007.
    Soft-Switching High Frequency DC-DC Converters
  19. Hua Zhou, Summer 2007.
    Integrated Magnetics on DC-DC Converters (co-advised with Dr. Tom Wu)
  20. Yangyang Wen, Summer 2007.
    Digital Control of Switching Power Supply
  21. HusamAl-Atrash, Fall 2007.
    Integrated Topologies and Digital Control for Satellite Power Management and Distribution Systems
  22. Xiangcheng Wang, Summer 2006.
    Active Transient Voltage Compensator for VRMs Applications
  23. Songquian Deng, Fall 2005.
    High Frequency DC-DC Converters
  24. Hong Mao, Spring 2004.
    Topology and Control of Low-Voltage High-Current Isolated DC-DC Converters
  25. Jia Luo, Spring 2004.
    Novel Voltage Regulator Controllers and Transient Compensators for Powering Microprocessors
  26. Jaber Abu Qahouq, Fall 2003.
    High-Density High Current Fast-Transient Low-Voltage DC-DC Converters
  27. Weihong Qiu, Summer 2003.
    A Novel Energy Direct Transfer Concept in AC-DC Converter with Power Factor Correction
  28. Wenkai Wu, Spring 2003.
    Control methods for a new topology in Single-Stage PFC
  29. Zaki Moussaoui, Spring 2003.
    New Designs of High Frequency Resonant Ballasts
  30. Wei Gu, Fall 2001.
    Hysteretic Control in the design of Low Voltage Converters for new Generation of Microprocessors
  31. Christopher Iannello, Summer 2001.
    Dynamic Modeling of Power Converters Using A Unified Approach
  32. Shiguo Luo, Summer 2001.
    Front-End Converter Design And System Integration Techniques In Distributed Power Systems
  33. Guangyong Zhu, Fall 1999.
    Dynamic Modeling of Power Factor Correction Circuits
  34. Wei Huai, Fall 1999.
    Single-Stage Single-Switch Power Factor Correction Circuits: Analysis, Design and Implementation
  35. AslamKhan, Spring 1999.
    Analysis and Design of Resonant Power Factor Correction Techniques