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ApECOR stands for Advanced Power Electronics Corporation. We are a small business organization that performs research and development and offers innovative products in the area of power electronics.

Petra Systems

Petra Systems is transforming energy-efficient streetlights into revenue-generating, renewable assets that deliver a smarter city through mobile voice and mobile data offload.

protium power systems

In 2022, Protium Power Systems, Inc (PPS) signed a license agreement to commercialize his first-ever grid-tied hybrid microinverter, seamlessly integrated with battery storage—all mounted at the back of the PV module. This development has generated considerable interest, and PPS has successfully raised its initial startup funds. The fully integrated modular system anticipated to reshape the landscape of affordable, scalable grid-tied hybrid microinverters and energy access solutions.



Commercialization the first hybrid microinverter: Dr. Batarseh made original contributions to the development of multi-port PV system utilizing soft-switching LLC integrated storage dc-coupled system. Bidirectional power flow control between any two ports is achieved by utilizing advanced PWM methods with embedded optimization algorithm for tracking highest efficiency over complete power flow range. In 2019, he developed multi-port utilizes the multilevel architecture by using flying capacitor GaN-based converter, PV and battery integration at a DC coupled common bus. His contributions have been covered in several publications, two US patents and one license: US Patents # 11,682,983 “A GaN-Based Multiport Multilevel Converter/Inverter”, 2023; #10,630,190: Multi-input single-resonant tank LLC converter, 2020. IEEE-PELS Magazine article [ “Emerging Opportunities in Distributed Power Electronics and Battery Integration-setting the stage for an energy storage revolution,” Vol. 7, No. 2, pp.22-32, 2020].

Commercialization of Microinverter: Dr. Batarseh has made many original contributions to the development and commercialization of the first high efficiency, high power density, single-phase microinverters. This work resulted in numerous publications, patents, license agreements and the launching of his start-up company Petra Solar (now Patra Systems). His contributions are covered by a number of publications: [US Patents: #9,071,150; #9,722,427; # 9,473,044; #8,552,286]; [ “A Single-Stage Micro-Inverter without Using Electrolytic capacitors,” IEEE Trans. on Power Electronics, Vol. 28, No. 6, pp. 2677-2687, 2012]; In 2007, Petra Systems licensed 9 US patents: [7,646,116; 7,583,128; 7,471,524; 7,388,761; 7,251,113;7,196,916;7,149,096; 6,982,887; 6,906,931)], raised $54 million in VC funding, and executed the world’s first and largest pole-mount PV solar project with New Jersey’s largest utility PSE&G: [

Since establishing the Florida Power Electronics Center in 1998, the center rapidly gained a reputation as one of the most respected energy research centers in the U.S. His commercialization success is demonstrated by his licensed patents, and the spin-off companies he launched: Petra Systems, Advanced Power Electronics Corp (ApECOR), Protium Power Systems and Tech-e-book.